July 24, 2008

Quick Activity in Library

Something that we need as a student - I guess a photocopy card.

That's right.
Basically, some journals will be able to get from internet and been subscribed by the university.
Its really good and awesome!

Sometimes we need to borrow it - in certain cases we can't do so - but luckily, at least they give us 3 days to borrow the journals.

So, when the time to return the journals back - the best thing is photocopy it - just the part that I want, of course.

*First step - do I look like a photocopy girl?*

*Press the button nicely - and make sure the credit is there. If not, need to top-up it!*

*While do the process, look outside and enjoyed the nice view from 5th floor of the sweet library*

P/S: Special credits to Midah who snapped all the photos (it's all candid) and to Ramesh because showed me this good journal*

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