July 2, 2008

University's Roommates

Roommates are the person that we spent time with in the room. For past six semesters, my roommates were all different.

In my first year, as the freshmen in university, my roommate was Noraini, as known as Nora. She was the first one who called me Pah in UTM. I've told you before right? Most of my roommates since in matriculation, will called me with different names from other people do.

Nora was my course mate. I guess we can hang out together and spent some times too. She was a nice girl, good in cooking, sewing and now, a fiancé! Omegeto Nora-san! Nora and I lived together in H04-308, Tun Fatimah College.

Mira was my second year roommate. Actually, she was my neighbor in first year. We called it neighbor or girl's next door? No matter what is it, for me, she is a good friend. Mira is a town planner wannabe. Both of us love to eat sushi - it’s our formal dishes if we go out for shopping together. She called me Pah too...

Mira is a nice girl too and we can share everything together. Since both of us have boyfriend (at that time - I still have MLP with me), Mira always gave some advices to me and persuade me if I am crying... *smile*

Third year roommate - Yuyue. This girl called me "Adik", and she always acted like a sister to me. She's really awesome and talented in language, precisely Japanese. Since both of us crave about Japanese language, sometimes we used those words too.

Called her as Yuyue-nee or "Kakak" or Sis sometimes. There were some difficulties that we faced through one semester - I am really burnt up last semester - something wrong with myself I guess. She is one of my course mates too... Have some funs together too.

Actually, I have more to write about them, how much I miss them and so on, but I guess, I need to keep it as a secret for a while... *laugh*

I hope when my final year start, I will have a good roommate too - I am really pray for that... *pray*

This is the photo of us together... All of us looked matured I guess... This photo was taken during MASA 2008.

At the back: Nora (first year roommate)
From left (sit): Yuyue (third year roommate), Mira (second year roommate) and me (writer).

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

miera said...

thanks for everything that we have share together..i miss thats moment

ZARA said...

I miss u so much sweety! Yeah! The precious moment too

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