July 2, 2008

Shoes and Me

I love to wear shoes more compare to the sandals. Sounds weird to a girl I guess, but then, it’s kind of my style. Well, a shoe is a covering for the foot having a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle. Sturdy here means strongly built or made.

For me, shoes will show my confident and determined in doing any kind of activities. I am not really choosy, but, I will find the shoes that attract me and show my identity.

Some brands that I love are Polo, Lee Cooper, Adidas, or I will pick any shoes that make me satisfied, no matter the brands it have.

Those three shoes are my favorites - even I gave them names to determine which shoes that I want to wear. Even, if I really like those shoes, I will take photos of them, and I always remembered every single of my shoes that I bought.

My Bunny Pinky Shoe - I bought that for my 1st and last Anniversary with MLP. I remembered that I bought it on Valentine's Day in Mixit. It has some discount on that day, lucky for me because I am really looking for a shoe. If I am not mistaken, this shoe is from Japan.

My Cinderella Shoe - its kind funny to call the shoes like that. It’s my first high heel that I bought with my own money - usually I bought shoes, not a high heel... *laugh*

I bought this one, simply because I want to wear it for Eid Fitri and I just love the color. I love white remember? The design make me step ahead to my aim at that moment - to be more like a girl because I have learnt some make-up techniques... *smile*

Could you imagine - I never have the chance to wear high heel that suits my big, long foot? Yeah, that's right, and when I found it in Fabiono Ricco, I told myself, “I must buy it!”

Army Style Shoe - This is my latest shoes in my collection. It’s from Lee Cooper. Actually my mom doesn’t know that I bought it at the first stage, but my dad leak that secret... *laugh*

I love this shoes simply because the air system, the shape, the design - it’s really what I want - and it will suits my style and match with my white sweater!... *laugh*

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