July 2, 2008

A Bowl of Coldness

Something about me - I love everything which is at low temperature when I am not under control - it means here when I am stressed, sad, depressed, tension - basically unstable in emotional... *laugh*

When I am under certain conditions like that, I will find some cold foods. If I am in the campus - usually, ABC will be the target... *laugh*

Yup! I really love to eat ABC, ice creams, ice blended and as long as it’s cold, you name it - I will find it, just to reduce my stress at that moment. Usually after a bowl of ABC, I will be relaxed and can continue my daily routine back... *seriously*

I know it’s not really good to have those kind of stuffs, but I just love it. Some of my friends will ask me, why don’t you take something else? I just gave them a simple answer - I won’t smoking or be a drug addict if I am stress...

Sometimes, I will have this kind of therapy alone or with some friends that just want to have fun together...

I guess I will be like this more when the new semester starts soon... *smile*

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