July 4, 2008

Precious Posters

When I crossed the streets and so on, I saw a lot of posters. It’s really attractive and sometimes I can see the street arts as well. Those are just too cool.

Yeah, talk about poster, it reminds me when I had a group assignment - we need to make a poster, a real poster that will bring ten percent of the carry marks. It was a group assignment and tries to guess which subject? Graphics? Absolutely wrong because my minor is Mathematics, not computer. The answer is Environmental Chemistry.

So, the lovely lecturer, no doubt, he was really good, I love this subject so much asked us to make a poster, basically on the forest. What we thought at the first stage was only to design it, but then, it was not only designed but makes it printed as well.

So, after struggling with too many assignments in that semester, the group members can seat and discussed what we want to do, how to design it, and much more. The process was kind of difficult, we need a good designer, so many things to deal with colors, good slogan and finally we managed to perform the best.

It’s just making us so proud...

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