July 3, 2008


Malaysia is a multiracial country and I am really proud to be a Malaysian. Most of friends are come from different races as well.

Since I am in kindergarten, I studied in that kind of environment - I mean multiracial community and I really love it so much.

I hate when people stared at me when I hang out together with my Chinese or Indian friends. They are my friends and I love them. Come on, we live in the same country, there's nothing wrong with eat together or hug each other.

When I am in matriculation, my practical mates were all Malays - I found that, I am a bit uncomfortable. It’s not because of them, because my practical mates are the best in the world - but, I am always in the same class with other races since in school.

So, what I did in matriculation was I make myself more friendly and managed to get friends with those other races too - and we still keep the good relationship until now. Same goes to my classmates and schoolmates - whether by text messaging or via web.

I am really happy when I am among this society - I found that life is too interesting and beautiful. With them as my friends, at least I gain more knowledge about their culture, custom and much more... We do need to appreciate those things

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