July 3, 2008

Please, I am Normal!


I am a normal girl - absolutely normal even in term of sexual orientation. Yes, I am straight person, not a homosexual or bisexual.

I never look down to those people who are homosexual or bisexual - never! Some of my friends are like that - but, seriously, I never changed my sexual orientation.

Let me straight to the point - there was a girl who said she love me - at first stage, I thought she just said it for fun. This girl said she admire me after she looked at my Friendster pages.

For me, I am not that good to attract a girl. Yeah, I know, before this, there were 2 girls who texted me and said they like me and so on - want to be my girl - but, I never want! I am not that kind of person okay? I remembered - first time this thing happened when I am in matriculation and I can't traced who she were.

Forget about those past - this time is more serious. Am I that hot? ... *sigh*

Bloody-hell, this is totally nonsense. Please girl, I don’t want to expose who are you - just if you read this, I want you to know that I am totally normal - just forget your feeling towards me...

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