July 3, 2008

Love - Sweet and Bitter

People around us have their own stories and basically, when we look into the focus of life, we will find one important element - Love.

Some people said, love is sweet - but, other people will say that, love is better. But for me, love is not only sweet, sour, bitter but sometimes it will be tasteless... *laugh*

Everyone in this world needs love - it’s true, no matter whom you are where you are from because love is universal. Anyone deserves to be in love or be love by others. That’s a true fact.

When love make someone so happy, they need a bliss place for that, and when love make someone depressed, do we need a love doctor or surgeon for that?

For some people, their love journey seems on the right track, and for the others, maybe we are not as lucky as them. Its depend on us - do we want a happy ending or just to play a game?

Different person will have different ways in defined the true meanings of love - even, fairy tales not always have the happy ending. But, no matter what you want in the journey to find the true meaning of love - remember that, the power is in your hand (like Celcom commercial).

No loves without risk, even our life are full of risks and we need to find the right way to overcome the problems and settle it.

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