July 12, 2008

Kimi and Me

This few days - only spent some of my precious time with Kimi The Teddy. Yeah, only him with me right now, no MLP, no anyone else... *sigh*

Sounds frustrated right? *laugh*

After being separated almost countless months - I brought him back to campus again. Actually, its like brought back the old memories but then, my instinct want it, so, I just followed it. Sounds baka? I dont think so.

Kimi was (read it in sad voice) the symbol of my love. Hey Zara! Is that so? *laugh*

I just love the old days - the young lady who count the best things that she can do in her life.

My thesis calling me, Kimi cuddle me.

I feel that I want to cry, Kimi - please hug me...

Kimi and me - sounds like a son to his mama?

Kimi - you know that you represent someone that I love so much - the one that never be replaced - whether its only the old sweet memories.

Kimi - no more hugs and kisses?

The water works again...

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