July 12, 2008


Last night, I had the same dreams again... *sigh*

Gee! Its pretty embarassing at the first stage - but then, as I told my sweet buddy before, I can't predict what exactly the meaning of the dreams.

Have you kiss or hug someone in your dream? Of course the opposite sex person.

Yeah....I heard people lie *laugh*

Well, it happened again. I can't controlled my dreams - so, basically, its not my fault when I had those kind of dreams.

Buddy, last night I dreamt I kissed and hugged You-Know-Who (not Lord Voldermort from Harry Potter - of course, whether to be honest I dreamt I kissed Harry Potter before - I swear!).


How come I kissed Y-K-W? I guess simply because I told you that I will do like that if I saw him around - but seriously I don't want buddy!

So, after the "sweet incident" - I woke up and brush my teeth... *laugh*

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