July 12, 2008


I am lying on my bed now. The weather outside make me shouted, Samukatta! Its in Japanese - means its cold.

Basically, the weather's pattern is not as usual - sometimes rainy and sunny is just few seconds. I love rainy day of course - due to I will not sweat like a monster - don't worry - I have my deodorant now...*laugh*


I really want my comforter right now. It seems that the blanket dont help too much to make me warm. Gee! How come I want to further my studies in overseas if I cant stand with this type of normal weather? Yeah, daydreaming - but, who knows it can come true? Its okay with dreaming - it will make us struggle for it.

I guess its my fault too. Who asked me to wear short when the outside weather is like this? But then, I already wear my socks - not enough maybe... *laugh*

Hey, I miss my comforter a lot...

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