July 16, 2008

Good Day

This an excitement day again!

Be honest Zara, I always told myself like that. So, that's it.

Have my first Oral Communication class - it's pretty awesome - due to some facts that the lecturer was nice and basically, the way she delivered her lecture - with the face expression, voice - I bet she really suits to be our next favorite lecturer.

So, after freezing in the ice-box-class (luckily I brought my sweater along), ran to the physical Chemistry class. The lecturer sweat a lot - pity him actually - but I am still freezing and almost shaking.

So, as a induction set (I guess he wanted to attract us on his lecture) - he talked about last night debate - between Dato' Seri Anwar and Dato' Seri Shabery Chik. I found that it was really interesting - simply because I woke earlier this morning - just because to watch it via my laptop (Baby Sean)

So, after be a sweet ice cream - went to the Coordination Chemistry. Syed stopped me for a while - and found that I wore my new shoes!

He said, "Alamak, tak dapat la nak kutuk ko ari ni."


Come on dude. Told you that I am awesome and I will never let anyone to under estimate me!

So, before the Coordination Chemistry started - just have some nice chat with Ady - one of MU fans like me and good friend as well.

We got some misurderstanding, I guess - I thought that he was angry at me, and he thought the other way around. Gee! So, actually, no fighting involved people!

Have a nice Coordination Chemistry class - cold as well. After that class, I am damned hungry - my belly already sing "What I Have Done" from Linkin Park.

Had some discussion outside the class about Degree ++ with my coursemate, Ramesh. Well, Ady just finished his class too. His class was next to mine.

Ramesh invited him to join us - and basically, he agreed with that. By the way, I really hope (pray) that I can watch the theater that he directed this Saturday! Ady, I will support you dude!

Can't miss it - but I have some work to do that morning...*sigh*

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