July 16, 2008

Car Wash and Toasted Twister

So, after finished all the things about Degree ++ with Ramesh - we had lunch together next to N24.

The day had changed!

It turned bad - sounds stupid, I know.

The ko-Q class had changed by short notice. So, Florina and me walked around to find the new room. Wasted all my lunch!

At last we managed to find the seminar room! The class was good. Happy with the environment.

Shima texted me and asked me to accompany her to car wash - her Milo fell down in her car. So, she picked me up at the library foyer.

Well - the car wash that we went was closed! We moving around - in the hot, humid weather to find the car wash.

I asked the people in Shell, Petronas and unknown person who claimed himself as not a "KAUNTER PERTANYAAN"!

Still confusing with those information who don't help us much - and we heard a long ''HOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN" behind us.At first I thought that we already hitted someone but then, Abang Kaunter Pertanyaan appeared!

He helped us and showed us the car wash. Thanks to him for help us!

While waiting for the car, we killed our time by looking around - go to computer shops and have a nice meal in KFC.

Shima, thanks for that sweet treat, Toasted Twister...*wink*

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