July 13, 2008

Short Morning

Finally, after struggle so hard with the tight and busy week, the weekend came and by looking at the clock, it seems it will be fly away...

Woke up at 6 a.m. - getting bored a bit - basically, its too cold - I wore short last night - but then, dont worry, I have the blanket and "caramel socks''.

So, just spent some times read the online newspaper - at least I knew what happened yesterday - or the day after midnight - basically, politic is my main interest....

Reply some of the emails from old friends and then, had my shower - I am a bit smelly - dont know why but then, after use Dettol - seems everything in a good condition...

Shima texted me when I just finished my shower. A bit shocked when I twisted the clock! I am almost late to go to KTR. Need to arrange the RM booth there.

Oh My God!

Tired and almost exhausted when I realized that a mug of Nescafe was waiting for me...


Need to go for a while.

Here I come booth!

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