July 3, 2008

Cinta, Love and Sepi

Those are three movies titles from Kabir Bhatia - I love his products so much. Basically, it’s really true whatever they commented in the newspaper, blogs, magazines and so on - those movies are awesome.

From the cinematography, the insert songs, the promo, the movie trailer, the casting, who can said that his movies are bad? Besides Yasmin Ahmad (who always gave me good reasons to watch her movies), Khabir Bhatia is one of my favorite directors too.

Some people will be attracted to the casting and so on, but I love the cinematography and the songs as well. I mean - if we talk about a movie - those things will be counted in right?

The songs are so beautiful. If we looked back in Cinta, I really love the song from V.E. - "Ikhlas Tapi Jauh". Of course you will say that I love Lah V.E. so much - basically, Yes...*laugh*

I can say that I love Cinta's soundtracks so much - I have no idea whether Love's soundtracks have been released or not - I love the song, "Sempurna" so much. I am waiting for the Sepi's soundtrack.

I watched the M.V. for Sepi - the song, "Aku Bukan Untukmu" by Lah and Zaf. If I am not mistaken, the song was sung by an Indonesian singer before. The song is lovely.

I still can’t find free time to watch Sepi - its make my adrenalin run faster!

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