June 23, 2008

What A Night...

As I said before, I helped my cousin on her essay for her second interview - for job of course. It was a good experience since I love to write - do some essays on the standard specifications of primary school uniform. So, after been some "storm" with her kids (they are really kawaii!), my cousin managed to finish her "very-long" forms. Even I am also shocked when saw the longest forms I ever seen. *laugh*

The boy, Muhammad Irsyad, really kawaii! He's about 15 months. That boy only want his mom - but then, he dont mind to play with other people since he know his mom around. Kissed that boy a lot last night, and even can hug, cuddle him as well...*smile*

His sweet sister, Hani Irdina is about 3-year-old. Both of them have fair skin. Really fair! Hani and Irsyad - just two small kids that I can cuddle last night. Hani called me Auntie Imah. *laugh*

I am an auntie, can you imagine that?. I am really proud actually, being an auntie in exact way (not be called by my buddy...*smile*)...Hey, why my buddy and I talked about babies now?. I am not really concern about marriage now. So that, I just love kids because they are kawaii! *laugh*

At 10 p.m., watch Faizal Tahir - Aku. Muzik. Kamu. - It was a really interesting programme! Seriously, because I love Faizal Tahir so much. They got some interviews with him, his parent, Ahmad Izham Omar (I like him as well), Audi Mok and some others.

They showed "The Making of Sampai Syurga MV", and at the end of the programme, it have the full version of that MV! And, after that, watched the "Hot Guys Who Cook"...

I hope my guy will be the one who can cook as well. But as my buddy said, it will be good enough that I can cook. *smile*

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