June 22, 2008


Being hurt again...and now, it was by the fake friend. Yeah, I repeat it again, Fake Friend. How come that person can be calculated as a friend or more cruel, as a human when he never acted as a human-being?. Its a big shame for his parent to have him as their son, I bet they will feel like that if they know how their son behave. Just want to comment something on whatever you said to me dude! When you never show some manner like respects to other people, will you believe me when I said no one will respect you too?...

You said, "For god sake, for someone that shame for their name, or want everybody call her cut throat bitch... sorry.. that DR. HOUSE maybe call u...opss.. i did it again.. hmmmmmmmm...... ;(

My reply, "Honestly I got no idea that I will be ashamed of my name! I have one of the beautiful name. Maybe one of our friend can tell you exactly, what are the meaning of my names! and something for sure, will you find any other people that will be happy if you spell their names in the wrong forms?. No one!

You said, "hmmmmm.... interesting...Oh.. u said that BAKA to someone know ur name or someone know that u cut throat bitch. ur being IDIOT now because ur lost n give ur yummy to faker lover... and sayonara...i know ur not hypocrite and also that not yourself. oh my god..i miss my 'frenzzzz' a lot...

My reply, "I dont mind called people BAKA, when it showed that the people acted like that whether had been reminded a lot. You called someone bitch?. It shows some kind of attitude you know?. If you claimed that you are that good, will you called someone a bitch?. You know what does it mean by that word?

Bitch can be defined as, a female dog, wolf, fox or otter. In this case, if you want to define me as a woman whom one dislikes or consider to be malicious or unpleasent, I need to remind you that you really blowed me off! Can I just stayed calm when a "friend" called me like that?.By the way, I must admit that I am really regret because we had been friend almost 10 years now. I am really regret, and Thanks God because He already show your real face!. Is there any different BAKA and STUPID?. I tell you, its only in the sense of language, not the meaning, because it is the same.

You said I lost and give my yummy to faker lover?. I really dont know what are you trying to said by said such "hurt" words like that. Do not say anything that you dont have any single ideas on! Let me ask you something, when I lost?. You never felt in love, thats why you acted strange lately or should I say this past few years?!

"Give my yummy to faker lover?" - I really dont know what do you mean by that. He was not a fake lover! He was my 1st-love! I love him and there were no one who doubted that! How come you said like that?! Even, you never knew him! Why must you break into someone private life?! Whether we (my-lovely-person and me) are not couple (I used this word because as one of my lecturer said - lover usually referred as the partner when you make love) anymore, we still keep the good relationship! What ever happened before this a good memory for both of us and he never make me regret for loving him!

But then, you make me really regret because after be friends about 10 years, you behave like a jerk! Being a classmate in Standard 6 and Form 2 to Form 5, even in the same matriculation, you still a jerk. It seems that the time cannot make your bad attitude fade away!

You know what?...You were not only hurt me, you were not only pissed me off, but then, people around me. My best buddy (lucky because I have her with me - or else, maybe you dont have any chance to live anymore), my lovely-person and some kind of my supporters. They know me better than you who claimed that you know me. What you said its only some rumours and want to make me looked like that I am not good. No one know me better than myself.

To the people out there and the person who hurt me so much right now - just want to remind you that, I can go balistic in less than 1 nanoseconds! How come you want to switch on the radioactive bomb really close to you?! That means you never love yourself! My advice - love yourself first before trying to get involved in some people life! I am really regret because I know you!

I dont mind if I dont have boyfriend, I dont mind be the girl who been left by the one that she loved, I dont mind if stranger hit me, I dont mind whatever people said abou me, but then, when a "friend" did that to me?... I wont seek for revenge but then, I will let God calculate that for you.

I hope that someone will ask me, "Darling, are you healing from those scars appearing?"...

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diya said...

just let them be..those people are insane..hehe. xyah layan, wat sakit ati je..

ZARA said...

Yeah! Agree with u darling!

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