June 30, 2008


I love to wear sweaters - I guess since I was in school... *laugh*

For some people, a sweater is just a pullover with long sleeves or a knitted garment put on over the head and covering the top half of the body. But for me, it's not just that. Yeah, it always gives me wider view than just a piece of garment.

I always wear the sweater to go to some places like class, library and even cafeteria. It's an useful garment for me and always make me really comfortable when wear it.

I forgot which one was my first sweater - but then, I have a nice one that my uncle gave me - from JKing. It came with a tracksuit and I really like it. It’s blue in color - my favorite color! I used the sweater during school and matriculation time, and now, I just kept it in my wardrobe - so that, I can wear it when I am home.

I bought a windbreaker or windcheater when I am in matriculation, almost at the end of my matriculation session. It is a wind-resistant jacket with a close-fitting neck, waistband, and cuffs. It kept me warm when I need to attend long class sessions. It's from Nike, I really love it so much, its black and maroon in color. Both sides of the windbreaker can be used, so that, if I ride in the dark, I will use the maroon part... *smile*

One of my favorite is my blue-black sweater that I bought when I am in first year of my university. I really love it - simply because the color and it showed the identity, where I am coming from - the place that I felt that I am belong to.

My latest sweater is white-in-color. This one is awesome! I mean, it’s a bit stylish. It comes with hood, just like the windbreaker but it cannot be removing. One of my friends said that I am looked like Eminem when I wear it! Oh My God! Is that true Zach? *Laugh*

By the way, those are my favorites, I never discriminate them...

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