June 28, 2008

My Doraemon's Apron

That one is my lovely apron. If I am not mistaken, I did it as ERT coursework when I was in Form 1 (1999). It's been a long time, and it still looks cute and beautiful.

Why I said it's Doraemon? Well, the apron has Doraemon's motives and also, I made a big pocket like Doraemon's pocket in front of it...*laugh* the apron is purple in color. Well, when my former teacher asked us to make this apron (sewing part), I really don't have any ideas on how to use it...

Always think, why we must make an apron? Spent a lot of times in sewing room just because to make a piece of apron? At that moment, for me, apron is only a protective garment covering the front of one's clothes and tied at the back - and the person who always wear that - only the chef! *laugh*

So, the teacher, Puan Sharifah teaches us how to do it - from measure our body size until how to transfer the measurement on the oily paper... I really hate it at that stage - simply because I am not really good in it - but, I found that it's quite interesting to make it after she gave us the materials...

During that time, at my house - we still don't have any sewing machine - so, I asked one of my neighbors to sew it for me. As the result, I got A for the project - I have a nice apron that I can wear until now... *big grin*

After all, I used it almost every day now when I am cooking. Simply because I am used to wear lab coat in the laboratory - so, it's a must for me to wear the apron in the kitchen...

I guess, girls look sexy when they wear the apron, and when boys wear it, they looked hot! ... *laugh*

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