June 28, 2008

Mini Library

If I have my own house, for sure I want my own mini library. That's my dream since my childhood. Yup! A mini library will fulfill all my dreams.

I forgot where I watched a movie that showed the girl have her own library. It’s looked really interesting since she manage everything on her own, from the decoration until the items that she collected in her library.

Some of my friends asked me, why I really want a mini library? My reason is really simple - I love reading, a true bookworm. I don't mind people called me nerd for that; I am not an ignorant person - who will always listen to public opinion.

During my school time, I am a school librarian from Form 2 until Form 5. I guess because I am really addicted to books and it makes me like that. Really obsess with it - usually I will spent my break time in library - I don't mind about food when I have books around me. I love the feeling... It's like I am the richest people... *laugh*

Since I always want a mini library in my own home, I already think about the decoration - from the color and so on. One of my precious collections should be my Harry Potter's. I have from the first novels until the last one... *smile*

I really love the idea of having my own library. I want the library be paint in blue, my favorite color ever... (I love black and white too... but black for a library - am I trying to make a ghost house? *sigh!)

Most of my academic books will be in this library. Since I am in matriculation, I had bought some books which were considered as expensive - and when I furthered my studies in university - my books became more expensive.

I love the original books - quite hate to read the book if it had been photocopied - simply because I love the smell of books. Mostly if the books are used acid-free papers - that's more I like it...*laugh*

Right now, some of my lovely books are University's Physics (I bought it in matriculation), Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Calculus, and Methods in Educational Research, Sociology, and many more.

The mini library should have some spaces for my comics and mangas too. I just don't know where I am supposed to put all of them... *sigh!*

My own mini library should be my personal work area too... I am a lone wolf right? *smile*

I am looking forward for my sweet mini library!

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