June 28, 2008


You love to smile?... I love to smile... *smile*

Usually, it's something which characterized me, I love to smile to any one that I met - whether they are my friends, lecturers, workers, etc. Yup! I also smiles to strangers. For me, when I smile, at least, people around me will feel comfortable with me - because I like people smiles at me too... *laugh*

Its not smiles like "kerang busuk", extremely big grin, but only a simple and nice smiles which make people feel easy to talk to me...

I tried one of the applications in Facebook, which is "What Kind of Smile Do You" . I just tried it for fun - simply because one of my friends invited me to try it. The result came out, and I got "Bright Smile"... *laugh*

It gave some explanation here - With one smile you brighten everybodys day. You are very unique. People feel comfortable around you. You are giving and kind to others. Happiness is in your heart to stay...

I hope it's true.... *smile*

Keep on smiling, don't be so greedy of it...

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