June 27, 2008


This morning, while I am prepared to cook for lunch ( I love early preparation - since I am Martha Stewart's fan), Abah asked me what I am going to cook today. So, I tell him, today's menu:

1. Ikan kembung with soy sauce plus potatoes
2. Sambal sotong (sotong yang lebar tu - usually kita letak dalam sambal kacang)
3. Urap daun selom.

Suddenly, he said, "Along, you are GMI". I am a bit shocked! Oh My God! Did he knew something about MLP? Well, something which crossed my mind at that moment was, GMI - MLP...

So, I asked him back, "GMI, what's that?"... His answer quite funny... He said, GMI are stand for "Gila Masak Ikan" or "Gila Makan Ikan"... OMG! I said why? He told, yesterday, you cooked fish, last night, you cooked fish, and today, you still want to cook fish.... *laugh*

Aiyoo! My Abah - he's really funny. Always loves to use kind of short-form when want to describe something, and usually want to play jokes to us... Previously, he talked about BKJ - of course he gave some hints, but my brothers just don't get it. Only me who got the answer - he want to buy something. BKJ stands for "Beli Kuih Jepun".... *laugh*

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