June 24, 2008

I am cool...

Getting better now. My buddy texted me, and asked me to eat medicine - sorry sweetie - not today. I guessed it's only because the wheather was a bit cold this morning. Seriously, I am really okay - watashi, daijobu neh..

Today's laundry - 5 trips! Baka! That's too much - but it doesnt matter. The washing machine did that for me...*laugh*

After a mug of Nescafe, 5 rambutans and a plate of mee hoon, I am done with my breakfast. Feeling better after eat the rambutans...*laugh*

Last night, when in Parit Raja, before we went home, I asked Abah to expose car light to rambutan tree. Both of us plucked the rambutans - Yata! Its so sweet, I just loved it so much...

Today's menu - Mak asked me to cook blackish-squid and some vegetable (not decided yet)...Really enjoyed cooking nowadays. I will miss it after I am going back to UTM...*smile*

Buddy, dont worry to much sweetie... I am really okay, and I hope same goes to you. Dont think about that matter too much. I will help you kill that baka person...*evil smile*

Ready to cook Zara-chan!

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