June 24, 2008


I am not feeling too well this morning - felt super sleepy plus got stomache and flu. Really make me stressed lol... ( I have used a lot of tissues...*sigh*)

By the way, its a sunny day! At least I can see the sunlight! *Yippi*

I am really bored actually. Last night, someone make me mad. I know I am stupid because of it, but then, we cannot predict our heart sometimes... Just left that stupid part behind. It never make happy...

Met my cousins, Aishah, Fadil, Ali when we dropped the things for them. Aishah showed me her works. It was really hard. To translate the "hakim" hand-written! Unfortunately, he wrote that in "Jawi" and because he must wrote everything during trial, the manuscript was hard to translate. Of course I can read Jawi, and same goes to Aishah (really excellent in Arabic) - but then, the hand-written make her crazy! Pity her.

Went to auntie's house last night. Brought the things that Abah bought in Kelantan and Terengganu. Guess what?... I met Hani and Irsyad again! Both of them ran towards me (Irsyad a bit slowed), and Hani said to me, "Hi Auntie. Jumpa lagi". *laugh*

Cik Mas invited me to join dinner but I refused. I just had drink. Abah chatted with his sisters and I only played with that kids. *laugh* Irsyad was really tricky. He saw I drink grape. What he did was, he sat on my lap, hold my hand. At first I dont know what he's trying to do, and when my cousin told me, "Irsyad nak air la tu", I said, he was so tricky! No wonder he became so kind and sweet like that. He wanted something! *laugh*

Cik Rodah gave me some "kedondong" - and found it is sweet! *smile* Cik Mas told me, "buah Salak" that Abah gave to her was sweet too..*Gee!* I will eat later - I love it too actually.

I messaged with my buddy last night and this morning too. We had so much interesting time together. She with her love etc. I miss my buddy so much! Hope can meet her soon... Love you buddy! And, I tell you sweetie, no one can hurt you. I will make him or even her regret if the y want to do like that to you, I promise that...

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