June 27, 2008

Dancing - My Therapy

Yup! That's right. One of my favorite therapies is dancing. Are you surprised? *laugh*

I admit that I am not really good in find the best therapy for myself. When people heard the word therapy, unfortunately they will think whether I need some kind of treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. Do I look that sick? Hey, I am not sick okay? *sigh*

I love dancing so much whether I am not really good in it... Dance? For me, I just need to move rhythmically to music, and I am not really concern to follow any sequence of steps...*laugh*

Usually, when I need to this therapy, I will listen to any songs which have fast beat... Just name the songs, whether it’s in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Malaysia, Korean, Latin, just turn on the music! *laugh*

My motto is “What’s the use of crying?"... So that's why I choose dancing! I don't need a dance floor for that purpose. I will make sure that I turn Sean on, and choose any tracks that suit my need in that particular time...*smile*

So, let's dance together Sean!

Unfortunately, you are only a laptop....*sigh*

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