June 27, 2008

80 Marks in Cooking

Remember that previous day, I cooked "asam pedas ikan pari"?... Mak said, she gave me 80 marks for that dish! Yay! 80 marks are not bad, of course 80 percent is quite low but then, simply because I forgot one ingredient, she deducted my marks...*laugh*

She said, even from the gravy, she can determine that I forgot to put some "kunyit" (I forgot the English word - Gomenasai!) powder... *smile*

But, since I put "daun kesum" and "bunga kantan", the gravy still tasted great! Mak, the best cook in town said like that to me, it does really brighten my day! The veggie on that day is good - half raw I guess...*smile* I love crunchy one, not too mushy...

Yesterday lunch - "udang masak lemak" - she said that my cooking quality increased day by day! Its okay - whether she doesn’t want to give me any marks... Abah said that the gravy was nice.

At first, I thought that there were too much gravy, but then, when I checked in the kitchen, it seems that Abah already eat a lot of it... It does really make me want to laugh, simply because it's rare to see Abah took his lunch that much...*smile*

Aiyoo, Mak, you supposed give me the marks... It will increase my performance to the next level...

I am looking forward to cook even more, but then, since the semester will start soon, it seems that I will miss the kitchen, the spatula, the pan, and of course, the preparations that I did every time I start cooking...*smile*

Am I sound like SpongeBob a bit?*sigh*

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