June 27, 2008

Which Shampoo?

Currently, I am looking for any new shampoo that I am supposed to use after I decided on something. Previously, I used Sunsilk and Clear. I admit that both of them were quite good, and since all the stuff prices increased, I guess I need to look for other shampoo...*sigh!*

Sunsilk - I used the White for Anti-Dandruff when I am in school and matriculation, and Green (Lime) - in university after I cured from the dandruff. It was awesome... I love the smell so much!

Then, I changed to Clear Ice Cool, I found it’s really refreshing, and Yup! It makes your head cool....*smile*

Now, I used Pantene - it’s quite cheaper once I saw it - came with free conditioner....

Hurmm...too many choices, which one should I choose? .....

*still confused*

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