August 9, 2009

Less Than 24 Hours But I Enjoyed The Moment

On Friday, I went back to my campus.
After almost four months graduated, I came back to collect my robe for the convocation. Really miss the moment with my friends.

It do took 2 and half hours to collect the robe. The queue just too long and make my foot really in pain. But again, when you met those people who significant in your life, their smiles will bring the pain away automatically. That's it.

Took some random photos while waiting.
Dig in fellas!

Zara : Mom will be away for a course from 10th to 12th August. Don't know when I can snap the photos with all family members.

More photos available HERE.

7 사랑해 Kisses From You:

.ieLah. said...

also jumpa me kan syg??

Pais Chaos said...

yeahh..beg uitm lagi cantik..haha

joegrimjow said...

xpeernah nak tahu ni
grad dip ke degree
bukan ke kamo ni mude ag ke?

HEMY said...

still remember the time I took my konvo pictures with the film camera

Lionel Azry said...

utm sangat membosankan!

Senghoo said...

Hey! Zara, right? :)
I'm back again, so so sorry for my late reply of comments
Just, so busy lately :D
God, the more I see your blog the more I want to hack and steal your blog, hahaaaaaaaaaa
It's lovely :)

Anonymous said...

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