August 8, 2009

Want To Win iPhone 3GS?

Hi fellas!
That's right - all of us have the chance to win iPhone 3GS for real!
This campain is brought to you by Exabytes to to commemorate Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day!

The Grand Prize (2 winners)

What you have to do is so simple, just fill the form that available at Exabytes!
But, don't forget to put my email at the referrer's email.

Don't worry, it won't effect your chance to win it.
The best part is, you can also refer someone to join this campaign, and if they are selected as winner, you as the referrer will win the exact same prize! - all while expressing your love to the country!

..and don't worry, they offer great consolation prizes as well.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB x 10 winner

Let's join the campaign together and have the big chance to win the cool prizes!
...and again, don't forget to write my email as the Referrer's email.
Thanks fellas!

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