January 3, 2009

Thanks My Friend

I'm analyzing my questionnaires (bunch of the sets that been answered by my respondents).
Blackish ringing.
Just don't feel to grab it for now.
I need to concentrate on my works.
Still waiting for bunch of my questionnaires.

Blackish beeping.
One message received.
Grabbed it.
Oh, my lovely cyber friend, Mr. P.

Mr. P still stranded in that place.
Poor him, but I hope he'll be happy with it.
Mr. P, I'm waiting for you to come back.
Sean and Me need you to have high performance back.
Technology just make you damn smart dude.

Mr. P can traced that I'm a bit moody.
He accused that I'm on diet.
I knew that I'm fat but I'm not on diet dude.
I just felt lazy to eat.
That's all.

He asked what happened to me lately.
His wild guesses were just hit the bull eyes!
He advised me on something and it's make me happy.

To see this life from different angles.
Just like the airplane.
We need to move if we want to arrive at the destination.
If we just stopped, we will crash landing.

Something which make me even touched, when he said this.
"Joy and pain is yours. You can share, but you can't transfer it."

When we talked about heartbroken etc. he gave me this advised which woke me up.
"If he is dumb enough to leave you, then be smart enough to let him go."

Thanks a lot of Mr. P.
Thanks for that advices.
I'll keep it with me and make me move on.

Zara : Thanks to all of you as well. Always make me move on, cheer me up! Xie xie ni!

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ubey said...

huahua. sesi cintan2

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

ubey :


cintan3 dengan kau bley?


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