December 30, 2008

He Did That Again

I always wondered why those craziest things happened to me. I'm just an ordinary girl who want to have a happy life. It's hard to pretend like nothing happened, when actually those things were happened or happening in my life.

Zara is crazy?
Crazy things happened to her?
She just love to be crazy?
Something drive her crazy?

Something crazy happened.
It's happened.
It's happened again on 5th December.

It's for the third time actually, and I knew that's the time for me to give up.
I'm give up on something which I want to grab this past few months, or should I say, almost years?
Yeah, I want to let it go.
I'm trying, I tried my best, but still, I can't see the result of it, (I saw it actually, and as I mentioned earlier, I failed for the third times).

I do have this kind of 'stupid' principle, when I tried three times in a row, and I failed, I won't do that again…(excluded my studies, of course).
I knew that it sounded stupid as it was, but, heck, it is my story. I want to have my own story compare to be in someone's story.
I want to paint on my own canvas, rather than someone paint it for me.
No matter how bad my drawings, it's still mine.

I read it in the book that I won before.
In a blogger's blog.
"The Story of You and How To Create A New One"
Been inspired?
I'm reading.
*silence please*

Be the toy and had fake smiles for the rest of my life?
Is that what I want in my life?
I don't think so.

I'm the one who hold my life, not to mention that my parent did the same to my own life.
I know that they want my story to be like this and like that, and that's what I'm live for. I want to make them happy, so that, I can be happy as well. I arranged my own life on the track that they want me to walk, run and crawl on it. Yeah, I'm happy with it, at least I know that I'm happy.

What if he did it again?
I don't think so.
He already threw me away, we just not meant to be together as in special relationship.
Our status just simply like "on air".

That's quite funny.
I love something which is "Live"!

He did that again, third times in a row.
Zara, wake up darling…
It's time to move on towards the shiny rainbow.
But, I won't make a move.
Nope, even a small step.
It wasn't in my plan.
Never been there.

They said that sometimes evil, devil and angel can shift their positions,
Is that possible?
I wonder.
I'm waiting for that moment…

Zara: I love every moment that we shared. I never failed to love you and pray for what the future may brings. Sounds crazy but I never forget to recite the doa. The best for us - no matter who we are now. We just stranded in our holes.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Monkey D Luffy said...

mungkin takdir menentukan ko patut cuba yg lain

Anike MK said...

Setiap org mempunyai jalan cerita berbeza2...

Ada yg terus jumpa cinta sejati..
Ada yg gagal berkali2 baru jumpa cinta sejati...
Ada yg tak jumpa langsung..

Di Luh mahfuz, sudah tercatat jodoh kita...

CUma, jgn paksa diri utk mencintai dan dicintai...

Nadine said...

if you love something,set it free then see if it comes back to you...
if it does come back ,it's meant to be yours but if not set it free forever and wait for the right ones to come dear.....

A t i Q a h said...

Aku juga sedang membaca nasihat di atas. Uh.

en_me said...

hi akak zara ittewww.. salammm maaal hijrahh weiiii..

sabariah.noor said...

setuju dgn aunty..set it free if it comes back to u..ada jodoh tak ke mana..walaupun beribu-ribu thn berpisah..

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