December 30, 2008

Touch My Heart

I'm moody.
The weather is gloomy.
It's raining outside, and my heart crying in silence.

Blackish ringing…
I wonder if it's the same person who tried to break my spirit to live.
It's not the evil nor the devil.
It's the angel who always make me smile.
Ooppss, Angel who know how to send SMS?

Beautiful words appeared on the screen…

Angel know how to touch my heart?
He never know what I faced through right here, but he always come when I felt like I need someone to comfort me, even by words, and yet, he came without been asked to do so.

"Hi darling. How are you today? Take your meals as usual?"

" Hi dear. I think that I'm good, I pray that I'm fine. Yup, meals as usual, but just fruits. I don't think I'll eat some heavy stuffs right now."

"Fruits? Apple? Orange? Banana? Watermelon? "

"Green apple and oranges"

" What happened dear? Someone hurt you or you are not feeling well?"

"Been hurt? I forgot the feeling of been hurt. I just want to be happy. Is it hard?"

"Nope, it's not. I don't like my Zara turned like this. This is not my Zara. I want my Zara back."

"This is me dear. I don't changed to something or someone else. It's just me here. The big, fat and ugly Zara."

"I miss my Zara. My Zara who always make me smile even just read her text messages. My Zara who always encouraged me to be a good guy to his girlfriend. My Zara who always make my girl love me more everyday."

"LOL! You make me shy! By called me as your Zara is like we have some kind of weird relationship. We are friends darling. Plus, you make me smile too."

"Yeah, we are friends. I'm not single and you are single. But, it won't make any different. We are humans, as you kept mentioned. We are humans Zara."

"Yup! I know that. We are human, that's why we are weak sometimes. We love ourselves more, being so greedy with the facts of it."

"It's not greedy, it's just you want a happy life. Everyone is like that."

"That's why I said, Humans"

"LOL! My darling become so negative or trying hard to be positive?"

"The second options I guess. You know something dear?"

"What is it honey?"

"You touched my heart with your words."

"Same goes to you, but don't forget something…"

"We are friends, best friends"

"Yeah, that's us and what make it so special, we are really the best friends"

"I miss you so much."

"I miss you even more, but, I should say I miss my girlfriend more"

"LOL! Liar! At least you make me at the second place."

"Hahaha…I know that you lied to me as well. I'm not the person that you missed so much. Someone is on top of your list."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"I know you, someone who make you moody is someone who you missed so much, compare to me"

"You read my mind huh dear? How dare you!"

"I don't read it, but heck, I know you well."

"Don't touch my heart again please, LOL!"

"Naughty girl la you…Have a good day sweetie! It's time for me to grab someone hand and make her warm."

"Same goes to you dear. Don't be so naughty as well. Someone will watch you carefully."

"I know that. I love you. Bye."

"Love you too…O_ooppss! Your girl will kill me, LOL! Sayonara dear."

iSeanTunes: Touch My Heart

The Angel who always come whenever I feel sad.
Thanks a lot dear, for make me smile.
Whether it's just a simple, hard smile.

I miss someone who played the same role before.
It's been ages - heck, I hate myself for that.
It's him.

Any wild guess?




He read this blog everyday - I guessed everyday.
He said so, but I don't know if it is true or not.
I believed him.
I trust him.
Am I stupid?

I miss my happy life, I wonder where he brought it to.
Search in my life's map?
I can't find it.
Stop searching?

Looked at my grip phone - Blackish.

Private folder.

Scroll down.

Found images.





Delete image?



Zara: What I Hate The Most is The Way You Touch My Heart. You touched it softly, but you killed me in silence, you pour the poisons in such a small portion, but, it's the uncured poison. I hate myself for let the weak part of me been hurt - but, I never hate you. I'm always love you - forever and always.

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Monkey D Luffy said...

romantik lak sms tu

Nadine said...

mcm lagu knife-rockwell tu aje"you touched my life with the softness in the nite"...reminds me when i experienced the same thing before.anyway zara dear....semuanya ketentuan yang maha esa yang tahu apa,siapa ,bila dan dimana yang terbaik untuk ok even if you have to fool others with coz it will helps to heal the wound at least....

MysLykeMeeh said...

Wow--romantic side of u plus the sweetness of the post makes it more appealing...

But, the hurt was there..hope there will be a cure to those poisons...

Take care!

Happy New Year

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