November 2, 2008

Instead Softcup

Have some of you heard or read about SoftCup?

::The Instead SoftCup::
It contains menstrual fluid differently from a tampon that absorbs from inside the body
and a pad overtly worn adhesive to panties to absorb fluid from outside the body.
A period protection product that gives today’s busy women more freedom
INSTEAD of being restricted by strings and wings.

Well, to be honest, I just knew about it.
Someone asked me if I read today's newspaper.
There are articles about it.

[Note that I'm the one who can always talked about any issues, as long as it's not rude,
absurd, dirty and annoying]

So, I asked him, which newspaper.
He told me it's in New Straits Time.
I went online and read the articles there.
You can check through the articles [here] and [here]

Well, after read the articles,
I can say that I'm not the one who will ever dare to use it.
It have many advantages but for me, even the usage of tampons make me scared,
I guessed I'm gonna say no to it as well.
I prefer to wear the ordinary pads.

How about all of you?
What's your opinions about this?
Have you used it before?

12 사랑해 Kisses From You:

alif-mikail said...

err.. should i comment? ehehhee

maPieCeoFarT said...

my answer would absolutely be a big NOOO...!! huhu... scaaary uh...

+ hey, we shared the same name... I'm zara too... salam kenal... nice blog you got here... =) +

Luth Textile said...

aku laki..

ZARA said...

maPieCeoFarT :


Its sounds scary as well for me. Thanks a lot dear!

Zara too?

That's nice!

ZARA said...

alif-mikail :

Tak payah la Koi...


ZARA said...

Luth Textile:

memang la kau tak guna benda nih Luth...

suspicious if ko guna...


RieNa.YuMi said...

tampon is not gud.... for anak dara especially... :p

ZARA said...



That's right baby!

LZ said...

It all depends on the price. If it's x too expensive I would consider giving it a try! ;)

ZARA said...

LZ :


My dear Lim Zhi is really brave woor~

melwy said...

to ans ur last question, dun think i'll try at the moment lerrr, wait til i get braver and when need arises xD

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

melwy :


thanks 4 answer that Melwy dearie...

looks like only LZ who brave to use it~

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