November 1, 2008


::From Hazami::

Bad called me this morning.
Spent some times chatted with each other.
She got free phone calls because today is her birthday.
So, it's a MUST to call me right dear?

MLP sent some text messages to me.
Hell yeah, we had some fun together while I'm struggling with my Linear
Algebra's questions.
Full stop about him.
Don't want to elaborate more on him.

CWC make me laughed a lot.
Kept sent me DO and DON'T of Malaysians.
He said just don't want me to get stress during the finals.
Thanks a lot CWC!

Just went back from cafe.
Had my lunch with Midah and Mira [Rimielya]
I don't snap the foods,
just too tired or forget to do so actually.

Met Burn at the cafe too.
We talked about Paramore,
one of our favorite bands, I never knew that he like them as well.

Yo Burn!
We are in the same line bro!
He crossed my Friendster's Page and saw that I'm one of Paramore's fans.
He said I'm looked like an EMO girl.
Maybe it's due to my layout, I guess.
Well dude,
I'm the one who listened to any genre of musics.

Went back to my room.
Still, Sean was waiting for me.
Smile at me.
Gave some kisses to Kimi and Charl.
I missed them.
I just missed them.
That's all.

I crossed my Yahoo account.
Hazami sent me one email.
Even attached some words that I gave to him before.
I never know him for real,
but we know each other in terms of life.
I knew his life, I knew his background, his old times,
almost everything about him.
Thanks a lot for that Hazami.

I'm not gonna reveal your twins kids photos.
They are so cute Hazami.
How I wished I had twins too...
Send my warm regards to your kids [twins] and your wife!

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

A t i Q a h said...

Zara emo kah? Wooo.

sabariah.noor said...

sape hazami ni pah?

[ Eclipse ] said...

paramore. siok betul . try lah *)

ZARA said...

A t i Q a h :

tak tau la atiqah...


ZARA said...



hazami adalah seseorang....

ZARA said...

[ Eclipse ] :



sanagt syok!

ezo said...

paramore yang nyanyi lagu crush crush crush tu ka?

wa...aku pernah dengar beberapa kali saja..

boleh tahan bah..

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...



that's them!

best kan?

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