November 2, 2008

ABC, Rimielya and KFC

::My Expressions and ABC::

Yesterday I went out with my 2nd-Year Roomate,
and a new blogger, Rimielya or I just called her as Mira.

Well, can you imagine, that's the first time we hang out together in this semester?
Both of us too busy until we can't find the suitable time to meet each other,
only for both of us.
Dating, meeting and have great time together.

She YM me in the morning.
Asked me if I want to eat ABC.
She know I'm crave of ABC or ice-creams or anything that cold when I'm
That's me, and that's us!

So, after had lunch together with her and Midah,
we promised to meet each other.
Went to Jusco together by UTM's bus.
Need to wait for such a long time!
Well, something which is free will make you pissed off at the early stage.

Our main aim was eat ABC!
By hook or by crook!
Must eat it!
Sounds crazy but hell yeah, we want it badly!

Once we arrived there,
we lingered around, looked at some stuffs,
and headed to the food arcade!

:: Some of funny expressions when I had my ABC::

The first ABC for this semester.
Pathetic me!
The nearest cafe don't sell it anymore,
and I hate to walk to the on-top-of-hill cafe just to eat it.

::Mira - my 2nd Year Roommate::

Looked how we treasured our ABC.

Oh ya, she blogged about this too in her blog.
If you want to read it,
just click [here].

::While waiting for the bus to our college back::

Told ya, something which was free really make us pissed off right?
I mean, need to wait for it,
the highest patience level is needed!

The last pic is the ABC.
Can you see something in silver or colorless there?
Its "gula kabung"

::The Snack Plate that I bought before went back from Jusco::

As my dinner of course.
Hello, ABC can't make you full okay?

11 사랑해 Kisses From You:

alif-mikail said...

ni tahap dewa makan ni!

ZARA said...

alif-mikail :

Mana ada Koi...

Ni biasa2 jer...


RieNa.YuMi said...

beb..u make me feels like eating ABC rite now...

ZARA said...

RieNa.YuMi :

Really dear?



Eat it!

rimieilya said...

best2..awaq hang xltk gmbar...tuttttt..smlm?bru gempak skit blog hang

ZARA said...


sebab ku sudah delete la sayang...

ganas sangat gambar tuh...

jadik adult content la plak kang...

ghost_MaR said...

ish ... mcm nasik lak ak tgk si zara nih mkn ABC tuh ...

owh ... ad rahsia erk ... gmbr per tuh smpi leh jd adult content ???

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

ghost_MaR :


macam makan nasik ker?


ku layan jer...

ezo said...

hoyeah...syoknya makan abc..

yer..last sentence tu definitely correct..

abg mana blh wat kita kenyang..

lagi lapar adalah..


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...



btol tu syg...

ku setuju jua dgn kamu...

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