November 2, 2008

1st Blogger's Call

I'm doing my Material Chemistry just now.
Sort of the mind maps for it, because there's a lot to read and digest,
the notes, the questions etc.

::Glasses Part One::

MLP sent some text messages to me.
Just ordinary text messages.
Seriously, ordinary messages.

Suddenly Blackish ringing.
Only number appears.
Make me wonder the person who called me.
Tried to guess, who's the one who gave me a call tonight?

It's one of bloggers here who called me just now.
The call was from UTOPIA.
Thanks for called me, Lil Friend.
The gender?
Go and read Utopia's blog!

We chatted for about 22 minutes, if I'm not mistaken.
Utopia is such a nice person
Younger than me, Utopia is still a secondary school student.

After a nice conversation,
we stopped and I continued with my works.

Blackish ringing.

Utopia called me again!

Utopia just want to let me know that he/she had updated
his/her blog.
Go and check it fellas!
His/her latest entry is about a movie that will be on cinema this December.
You can view the movie trailer in his/her blog
by clicking [here]

Some of you might wondered,
"Zara gave her numbers to unknown people?"
Well, some of the bloggers here,
I admitted that I never met them.
But, since they showed me some concerns, make me happy each time
I do blogging,
they even feel free to drop their phone numbers to me.

Thanks to some bloggers who helped me a lot,
and even sent text messages to me via SMS.
Whether we never meet each other,
I do hope we can meet some other times.

Neo, Aqram, Ezo, Luth, Utopia, Kak Yanie, Nazrikawi, and Ratu Salju.
...and of course,
most of UTM's bloggers in the list there,
I have their numbers.

Those bloggers who shared their numbers with me.
Thanks for trusted and believe me.
Any other bloggers want to do the same?
You can contact me if you are willing to do so.

[Updated: I just got Yumi's phone number]

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, the feeling is great right? Hehe... Actually I got some bloggers' contacts too! Hehe...

ZARA said...

Akira 思胜 :



The feelings are great!


Its nice to have them...

Want to drop your too Akira 思胜 ?


RieNa.YuMi said...

saye komen nih...

me dun have anybody from this blog sphere contact no...

ZARA said...


Yumi dearie was here!



relax dear...

zara mau number kamu buleh?

ezo said...


namaku pun terselit juga..


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


musti la sayang...

nama kau musti ada...

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