October 19, 2008

The Kids and Their Home


My blogging activities been hacked last two days.


Those kids were back!

My cousins actually...

::In The Car::

::The Dining Hall::

::The smell just like in The Lovely Lace Shop!::

::My aunt who really crave of roses::

::The bed that I slept and those kids who kept
surrounded me::

My aunt invited some of her friends for open house.
So, basically, she need my help to cook and whatsoever in her house.
Plus, her house is really near to my campus.

But, it can be counted how many times I went to her house,
dont have transport to go there,
plus, seems I'm too busy [really?].

::Those foods::

While waiting for the guests to come,
those kids who really love camera, want me to take their photos.
Well, must include me of course.

::Some poses by those kids::

::We just love camera::

::Some foods again, and can you see my expression there?::

Try to figure out what I'm thinking when my cousin snapped
that photo?

10 사랑해 Kisses From You:

laxmana said...

Budak ni memang suke sangat dengan picture kan?

ade cita2 jd fotografer profesional ke sis?


spymama said...

wow beautiful place. i love roses too and the smell of it!

ZARA said...

laxmana :

bro..cita2 nak jadik engineer...

tak dapat...

jadik cikgu la gamaknya..


ZARA said...



me too~


Akira 思胜 said...

What happened? Your account has been hacked by others?

ZARA said...

Akira 思胜 :

been hacked by my aunt lor~


azie said...

erm, i went to 4 houses on saturday. and i felt like i can't eat anymore nasi beriyani, nasi ayam, roti jala, soto,etc,etc.

i need sate pulak,ahahaha

ZARA said...

azie :


should ask me too~


ezo said...


kemain lagi ek..

lawa la umah aunt ko..
english style ek..

ZARA said...

ezo :


lebey kurang la tu...

sbb sumer roses..

dah la bau rumah cam kedai Lovely Lace...


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