October 23, 2008

It's Done!

::The Complete Electrochemistry Mind Map::

At last the Mind Map had been in it's new owner hand.
I've submitted it to my Physical Chemistry's lecturer.

A bit sad to let it go, after all, its contained 15-20%
marks, but since he announced that he will never give us back that mind map,
tell you what, I'm sad...
But, life must be go on.

Prof. Nadzlan gave us the last quiz today.
It was quite okay since we just learned that recently.
But, before the quiz started, he mentioned that he want to treat all of us,
today's LUNCH!
He's really generous, no one can ever deny that,
but I thought, for the whole class?

He told us to pass up the quiz paper after answered it,
and take our previous Test and quizzes paper.
He put MONEY inside each of our test papers!
Each of us!

::The Test Paper with the money::
::My Degree++ Certificate::
::The weather when I'm going to the class::

::My desk in my room while the Mind Map still in progress::

I knew it was messy with pencil box, calculator,
markers, highlighters, pencils, papers and much more.
But, one thing, I love the colors.

::The Mind Map : which I tried to make used until the maximum
::The complete version had my name, course and Pooh's sticker [?] on it::

::The Last Four Speakers in Public Speaking Class::

It was the last Oral Class Session as well.
Gonna missed the environment in the last, the lovely lecturer,
Ms. Fatimah Puteh who really a good lecturer.
I can say that she boosted up my self-confidence this semester.

14 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, well done ya! Keep it up!!!

ZARA said...

Akira 思胜 :


Thanks a lot Akira 思胜 !


_neo_ said...

dem. beautiful map!!!gilaer ah ko

ZARA said...

_neo_ :


beautiful ek?


ku bangga la jap...


amirwashere said...

wooo~ stylo ar map tu..
buatkn 1 bleh?

eh kak gne sofware pe ntuk wat gmbr dlm 1 petak tu?

ZARA said...



mana bleh...

mahal tu...


software apa?

macam2 la amir...

fotoshop etc.

[ Eclipse ] said...

nie peta minda ke


utm ring road *)

ZARA said...

[ Eclipse ] :


Mana2 pun boleh la sayang ku....

RieNa.YuMi said...

pergh.....mind mapping yang dahsyat... :p

ZARA said...

RieNa.YuMi :

dasyat ek Yumi?



Anonymous said...

best la prof nazlan kan..??
xpenah2 lec bg duet ry kan..mkn pree ag..lalala


ezo said...


dah buat copy ke utk map tu?

macam peta jalan je kaedahnya..
comey dan menarik tertarik aku memang daboom...hehe..

beshnye dpt duet raya drpd lect..
jeles ni..


ZARA said...


tu la pasal...

bagi duit dalam kertas test...


murah hati prof..

ZARA said...


tak dapat copy!


sebab tu ku amik gambar beliau...



relex suda...


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