October 7, 2008

Crossover on the Last Day

The last day of Ramadhan.
We were busied prepared and cooked some foods etc.

I only managed to snap some photos due to I need to helped
Mom in the kitchen.
...and Mom kept staring at me each time I want to snap some photos...

::The ketupat::
...and the instant ketupat as well...

::The beef rendang::

There were more foods that we cooked, but as I mentioned earlier,
I was too busy cooking in the kitchen.

So, after Maghrib prayer,
we recited Takbir together...

::Those guys in my family::

Since its our tradition to meet those relatives on the night before Raya,
we did it as usual.
...after all, we already cooked some Raya dishes for them...
its always there were possibility that we will coming a bit late
the next day, since we lived in our community here..

::The Brown Zara::

1st destination:
Sulaiman Road

Peeking at my aunt's cookies.

::Still don't decorate the table::

::Some of her cookies this year::

I snapped her cookies...LOL~

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

zara, kuih biru tu kuih apa ye?
perisa blueberry ke?

ZARA said...


Kuih biru tu...
Coklat perasa keladi tau...

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