September 3, 2008

X : The Stranger in The Bus

I hate to sleep in the bus no matter where I go.
But, last week - I'm too tired.
The trip was the only me.

I mean, I always traveled back to my hometown - alone.
Since I got the single seat,
it means that its only me and my world
next to the windows.

Looking at those views,
after tired and hot Linear Algebra class,
make me sleepy.

To make me shocked,
there was a person who snapped my photo
while I slept!

::I slept without realized my photo was taken::
[My pink eye-shadow a bit obvious]

Since the bus moved and its on highway,
I kept woke up.

At this point,
that person asked me if X can took my photo.
I just said sure.
[X was refer to the person]

::Sleepy girl who enjoyed the coldness of the bus::

X showed me the photo.
I said okay.
[Still don't know that the photo while I slept was
in the camera]

::Waiting with gloomy and sleepy face::
[Mysterious taken again]

And when we arrived at the last toll,
X asked me my e-mail address.

I asked X why?
The answer that I got:

X : So, I need to send this 3 photos to whom?

Zara : [shocked] [speechless]

X : It's a nice photos. You look good.

Zara : I bought my laptop. Just transfer it now.

X : Sure. That's good. It seems that I can't get the e-mail
address, right?

Zara : Yeah, you can't. It's private.

So, X just transferred it in my laptop.
I asked X to delete those things.

X dropped somewhere on the way to the bus stand.
Gave me a big grin and said loudly,
"Sleeping Pinky Eye Beauty"

13 사랑해 Kisses From You:

eunice said...

Hey that's creepy! Luckily those photos are quite decent. No other photos that he took secretly right? What a way to know a girl eeeeekk!

It's not very safe for a girl to sleep on the bus. My friend got molested by a foreign worker on the bus when she was sleeping. She gave him a tight slap!

eunice said...

That man was really "lucky" to molest my friend, the fiercest gal in the class!

ZARA said...

Sounds too scary right?
I just hope there's no more inside the camera...

a Q r a m said...

muahahaha...seram nye...

ZARA said...


Seram tapi ko gelak camtu?
Ko lagi menakutkan la...hahaha

Nora.Celine said...

apalah.. bahaya tu nasib baik je x tu nak bagi tau die snap ur photo nak berkenalan lah tu cuma x dont get warm welcome... carefull next time.

ZARA said...


Thanks a lot for that advice dear~

Tara Graphic said...

thts weird.....eeee takut!!

ZARA said...


That's really weird....

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

alallala kecian nye dier sampai tertido nih...


Bridge Schmidt said...

I just saw this post now and yeah, your pink eyeshadow wasn't a bit obvious but very obvious. Hehehe! Are you heading to school by then?

I really wanted to have one of those you put and wrap around your head. I'm dreaming of owning one.

Also, are you from Malaysia? Hope to see all my Malay friends next time I go to this country.

I love your music so much and your header too.

ZARA said...

Kak Yanie:

Penat tu kak ku sayang...hehehe..

ZARA said...


I'm heading to my hometown when those photos been illegally taken by X.

Its the scarf or veil. You want one? Which style you want? Will buy one for you dear...

Yes, I am from Malaysia darling...I am a mix-blooded girl : Arabic-Malay-Javanese. hehehe

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