September 3, 2008

The Statue?

Something which I love while I walked around,
I loved to take photos some buildings
or statue etc.

Since last week I walked from the
express bus stand to the public bus stand,
I got the chance to take this photos.

People must think that I am a crazy girl
that day.

With my sweater,
it's rainy a bit,
I walked around just to go to the nearest bakery

::Its opposite Muar's First Bridge::


6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Mak Su said...

salam ramadhan zara.... have a nice day ahead

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Mak Su!

Anonymous said...

hi!! nice blog!!
visit my two blogs... first and second...
kindly give me back link...

ZARA said...


Thanks for drop by!

Tara Graphic said...

nice snaps....looks very amazing..


ZARA said...


Thanks a lot dear....


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