September 21, 2008

UTM Anti Corruption Secretariat's Launching

It was a tired day since yesterday.
I even don't have time to update much in this blog.
Yeah, I do have other blog which is the SPR-UTM.

Sorry friends,
Zara almost faint right here.
I left some photos for you.
Will update later.
I promise.

::Ramesh, Zara and Jenne::

::Too crazy but awesome::

::With my roomate, Sab who was the photographer for today::

::Sab's Camera::

::Behave or we will...::

::Role-Play Time!::

::This is the real VIPs::

Please click here to read more about it first.

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

amirwashere said...

ouhoh want to action kamen ye ^,^..

a Q r a m said...

cun ah camera tu..ade sape nk blikan aku x?

ZARA said...


Biasa lah Action kamen tu...
peminat setia nih~

ZARA said...


Kamera jer cun?
Aku plak camne?

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