September 22, 2008

21st Ramadhan's Menu

The tired and exhausted day already ended.
It just the perfect time to have party!
Suriani's birthday is today, so that,
let's the party started!

The Anti-Corruption Secretariat members,
have fun today!

::The party room::
::The drink::

::Fadhir who tried to act naturally::
::See? Too natural. Gosh!::

::The sundaes and the pies::

::Jenne, Mimi, Fadhir and Zara::

::With the birthday girl, Suriani::
[What with the background?::

::The Birthday Cake::

::Syerwan tried to feed me?::

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

nurhidayah said...

it required a google ID.luckily..i have it. wat shud i comment it?? bout the name of ur newly-bear..??or bout my bad flu..??huhu..anywy, SALAM AIDILFITRI. maaf for every mistakes i made, every flaws i made, every damages i brought..n every cracks happen in ur life dat r cause by me.sori

ZARA said...

Yuyue nee!

Thanks for dropped by!

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