September 5, 2008

A Polite Shout

::Sean's last week interface::

Some people said that I'm an emo girl,
some people will describe me as whatever they want.

I don't mind at all.
For me, I know myself.
I learn about my own self everyday.



I went to Linear Algebra class.

Had some discussion for Physical Chemistry assignment.

Had English activity in Miss Fatimah's room.
We need to do the discussion activity.

The topic was,
"Fasting Experience in The Campus".

I guessed we done it well.

So, after that activity,
Miss Fatimah told us about her cats.
They are so cute!

Something that I'm a bit embarrassed.
Before we ended up the meeting,
my phone rang.

Got the message from My Uppa.
Accidentally, I said his name a bit louder.

Miss Fatimah looked at me and smiled.

She asked me to send her regard to Uppa.

::Sean's current wallpaper::

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

_neo_ said...

cehh dari emo mood ke retro mood!cantit la sean ko..kem salam kat dier..BTW, ko letak widget2 tuh tak berat ke berat badan si sean tu...

ZARA said...


mana ada aku letak widget2 kat badan Sean ni?
aku bagi kasih sayang yang mencukupi kepada dia ni tau?
aku peluk, cium, peluk, cium dia jer...hehehe

Tara Graphic said...

Hmm....the first one looks cool...

nice and dull....kinda scary..takes place in smokes...expression of the girl is melancholy...nice to be a wallpaper..

The second one...very cheerful...
takes place in an ironic dimension where u can be free...colorful...
happy....i recommend u use this wallpaper..


ZARA said...


I do love the second one more since it's really cheerful. Plus, I love the person who drew that. He is so artistic.

[heart beeps]

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