September 5, 2008

5th Ramadhan's Menu

For the first time this Ramadhan,
I can walked freely without umbrella at the

The weather is good,
I mean I can see the sun for the whole day.

I went there alone.

My room mate had class.
But, it's okay because I found some friends
there as well.

So, today's menu are:

::Sour Soup Drink::
[I can't see the fruit there]

::Nasi Kerabu::
[waited more than 30 minutes for this]

::Wet Popia::
[My Dad love this so much]

So, let's wait for the "azan"

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

spymama said...

spymama wishes zara:
selamat berbuka puasa

have a good weekend, dear!

Tara Graphic said...

No Japanese food??

too bad...

well, selamat berbuka puasa!!

ZARA said...


Thanks a lot Spymama!
Love u so much dear!

ZARA said...


Its okay whether without Japanese Food.
I'm a Malaysian okay?
So that, I can eat various of foods as well!

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