September 25, 2008

Her Name Is Charl

Hi Fellas!
Still remember my previous post on
You Make Me Blush?

Well, some of you tried to give to give this Pinky some names.
Like my darling Eunice, came out with some kind of suspicious name.

...Good News Fellas...
She already had a name!
Uppa gave that name to her!

Uppa gave a quite long name,
but just want to share the first part of Pinky name.
We called her as Charlene or Charl!

So, let's check her activities for today!

::Charl with her Box::

::Kimi and Charl::

::Special post from Kimi and Charl::

::My Lovely Sean with C.A.J.A::

::Kimi want to take photo::


is Charl's real name.
We just decided to use the first name there.

It's almost midnight.
Too tired.
I need some.....

Hope will have a sweet dream tonight!

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a Q r a m said...

i have a guy ..he is a fren of my...n also my clasmate..he's name was Charlie..n he is from kenya..he's black..lucky he's not pink!

ezo said...

so cute..
kim salam kat dua2 k..

Anike MK said...

Kimi is ur doll??!!!
Hey!! thats my name!!


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Anike MK :


sabaq la yer Kimi chan?

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