September 10, 2008

Before and After Class

Today my class started a bit late due to Oral class had been canceled.
So, played around with Sean again.

::Sing the Stand Up song::

::Midah's trademarks on me::

Went to HEP as what Ady texted me,
but after waited for quite a long time, the officer asked us to come back
at 2 p.m.

Went to the class.
Ramesh told us that Physical Chemistry class had
been canceled again!
I'm tired okay!

So, I told Ramesh what happened yesterday.
...and Coordination Chemistry class was as usual.

Went to SUB to take the blazer with Lorince.
Need to wait again and again.

So, after canceled study in library,
I went back straight to the room, and tried out the blazer.

::Corporate Lady::
[As Lorince said]

::Is this the center of your frame Sean?::

...I'm too tired actually.
Can I played around a bit?
Those my Funny Tired faces.

::They said I'm hyper-active::

::Do I seems care about those things?::

::I want to punch you culprit!::

12 사랑해 Kisses From You:

LZ said...

Hmm..not sure if you posed naughtily with the specs, I found the specs made you look..EVIL! XD

hahaha..sorry it's just my personal opinion!

take care there!

ZARA said...


Do I looked EVIL dear?

Sometimes I think so as well,
the spec makes me looked fierce a bit, or should I say too fierce?

I bet if u hear my voice, you'll think that I'm Chester.

spymama said...

saying hi to my dear Zara before Spymama dozes off..

JeromeFo令狐冲 said... many camwhore pics! =P

ZARA said...


Thanks for dropped by darling!
Love u so much!

ZARA said...


I'm too tired and become a bit crazy LOL...

...or I already crazy?

ezo said...

macam pengawas sekolah zaman sekolah menengah dulu je..

ZARA said...


Aku pun tak tau napa color dia camtu...

Maybe sebab color rasmi University aku kot?hu3~

ezo said...


maybe la kot...

kalau ukm biru je manjang..
buhsan tul..

cuba ar guna warne kelabu ke, merah hati ke ataupun hitam kan smart..
siapalah aku nak sesuka ati tukar warna tema u..

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

kalau dia dah posing sakan..

uish...mengalahkan kak yanie


ZARA said...


Aku setuju dengan ko...
Walaupun aku lagi suka Biru tau...
Aku baru plan nak pakai color biru sebab aku pikir blazer hitam...

Skang nih kena pikir baju lain~

ZARA said...

Kak Yanie~

Biasalh posing2 nih~
Bohsan giler semalam tersebut~

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