September 25, 2008

24th Ramadhan's Menu

Yesterday was a damn happy day!
With the Coordination Chemistry Quiz and of course,
received the sweet Pinky Teddy from Uppa!

Okay then,
let me stop for a while from talking about Uppa.
It just will make me smile until my mouth cramp.

So, for those 4SPC, we were having breaking of fast together.
It was in the sense of ate together.
Since this semester was a bit tough,
it was rarely hard to get the opportunity for that.

...and of course, not all of us be able to gather around yesterday.

But then, still okay...
I don't want to mumble on that or what so ever.
We were busy and tired, and all of us really understand that.

So, fellas, let's checked what we have yesterday!

[Miah's Rojak]

::Miah's Set::
[Plain Rice, Chicken Curry and Vegetables]

::Ah Foo's Fried Rice::
[Eh, what you called that as huh?]

::Yeng's Fried Rice::

::Some SPCrians who attended the prog::

::The Drinks::
[2 Nestea, 1 Bandung, 1 SkyJuice]

::When I can drink you?::

::Pose for the Foods Spirit::

::My Meal::

::Ramesh's Meal::

:: Gee's Tom Yam::

::The Kueh::

Jerome dearie,
How is it dear?
Enjoy it?

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

13may said...

adess...silap plak bukak blog ni pepagi...hehhe heheh

selamat hari raya!

ZARA said...


apa la yang silap pulak?

kecik hati den camni...


selamat hari raya juga!

etomyam said...

ahah, ada tomyam...seafood ke sayur ni? he he

ZARA said...


Ni Tom Yam Campur....

Ada Lagi Satu Tom Yam Ayam jer...

Tapi Malas Mau Snap....


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