September 23, 2008

23rd Ramadhan's Menu

The weather was too hot today!

Did some revision for tomorrow quiz,
Coordination Chemistry Quiz.

Got some bad news from You-Know-Who!
You really ruined my mood today, YKW!

Thanks God I've one good friend.
Pali from Skype.

You really helped me today.
Thanks Pali!

My lovely Uppa sent me some messages.

At least, I have a big naughty grin on my face.

So, let's check today's menu!

::Keropok Lekor::
[mainly produce in Terengganu, Malaysia]

::My Appetizer for today::
[Red Apple, Green Apple and Banana]

::The Chicken Chop::

::After I poured the gravy onto it::
[It's damn hot!]

::The Drinks::
[Soya Bean and The Ice]

::Plain Rice::

To My Dear Jerome,
Have Fun Eat Those Stuffs Ya!

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Pali said...

selera jin aper...hehehe

anyway, good for you.

ZARA said...


hampeh budak pali...

mana ada jin ker haper...

nak gaduh la tu...


_neo_ said...

ooo i like the chicken pork..muahahah

ZARA said...

_neo_ :

nasib baik chicken pork...

if chicken n pork?

aku suruh aqram setelkan ko nanti~


LZ said...

Wooooh! U ate so many nice food! XD

Nk jugak!!

ZARA said...


I need the energy la sayang, since my pre-meal is only a mug of Nescafe...

Nak ke?
Balik Malaysia, Zara cook for you...

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

ciken cop...


lapor arrr

ZARA said...

Kak Yanie sayang...

Spa suruh tengok siang2?


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