September 23, 2008

Smile : Is That Hard?

It's almost at the end of this semester.
I know there will be at least one month to roll up the session,
but still, next semester, will stay in the same room and block.

...and I never know, there will be a bunch of people who are so
arrogant in this world!

I know its sounds a bit BAKA but I still cannot accept the way those girls
behave in this block!

Is that too hard to even smile?
Is that so?

How come you want to live in this world by acted like that?
I never asked anyone to bow at me!

I'm the senior, I know that.
Most of them are juniors, mostly born in 1988.
[What's the point by put their ages here?]

I've smiled to them for almost one semester now.
Plus minus, its almost 3 months!
Crazy all of you!
In this block, or basically in this level,
only 4-6 persons who really behave as human.
Cik Rye, Siti, Balqis, Sab and the other one or two!

All of you who never know what is the reality out there will be surprise
if you see the reality!

Those thing like this, just make me pissed off each time it happened.
Bumped to each other,
I smiled at you,
is it damn hard to just give me a smile back?

This is crazy.
All of you never know how evil I can be...

:: Am I right, Pali?::

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

RieNa.YuMi said...

don't give a damn with those kind of ppl...

neway...i really can't smile rite now... :(

eunice said...

hmm, could it be due the the reason that they are not very expressive people, or they are very reserved people, or they are not so well exposed and that's why they don't know how to interact with people? And when people greet them, they don't what to do? Have you tried talking to them? I believe to break the first few lines to them is not easy too, but maybe..maybe..maybe.. when they feel more comfortable, they will start to speak with you?

Bridge Schmidt said...

No, it's not hard to smile... In fact, I smile everyday even to people I don't know and not familiar with. Positive people brightens every stranger with a smile =)

ZARA said...

Yumi chan...

Why cant smile dear? Something wrong with that?

ZARA said...


Hi dear.
I've tried a lot dear...
But they never react!

ZARA said...


Its my style dear. I mean, I love to smile whether its to stranger u know...its other people who dont smile...

Pali said...


everyone can be bad, as that's what they do, but not what they are...

keep it cool, but if you just can't, blow it off ;p

ZARA said...


I should just let it blow up if they are not girls you know....


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